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Audi partner with Origen for three years

Audi partner with Origen for three years

German car manufacturer Audi has partnered with LEC team Origen for three years. The partnership follows Audi’s efforts with Danish Counter-Strike: Global Offense powerhouse Astralis. It also features significant strategic and financial value to RFRSH Entertainment and Origen.

The partnership targets unrevealed projects by RFRSH Entertainment, the esports company behind Astralis, the Blast Pro Seris and Origen. RFRSH co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen noted on the press release that, outside of Origen, said projects and initiatives will become clearer as the company releases further information.

The partnership has huge implications on Origen, and for good reason. Kristensen added the following on the matter:

The deal will strengthen the team and our possibilities to develop the facilities and performance organization around the players. It’s massive for us to be able to enter a partnership with a brand of this caliber already now, before we have played a single official match with Origen and it tells us a lot about the potential of the team and Audi’s dedication.

The deal also showcases Audi in a prominent way to League of Legends esports fans. Indeed, Origen has gathered a huge following over the years. The team was the first European squad to go from the Challenger series to the World Championship within six months, doing so in 2015.

Although they fell out of the European LCS (now LEC) in 2017, the brand remained strong. In fact, their 2018 showing in the European Masters spring tournament made huge waves in the Challenger circuit and allowed the tournament to capture a wider audience. At the time of writing, Origen count over 754,000 followers on Twitter and over 150,000 on Facebook.

This is not Audi’s first foray into esports, as they sponsor FIFA teams Fokus Clan and FC Ingolstadt Schanzer Esports. However, the scope is larger this time around. Thomas Glas, Head of Sports Marketing at Audi AG, shared the following statements on Origen’s press release:

The agreement with RFRSH Entertainment around Origen and the upcoming initiatives is an important strategic step for Audi both internationally and in Denmark. When we made the agreement with Astralis, it was one of the first of its kind in esport, and so too is our new partnership. We took the first steps with Astralis and now we intensify our engagement and commit our brand even closer to esport.

The partnership resembles to the one Team Vitality has with Renault and Renault Sport in 2018. In fact, Team Vitality later fielded a Rocket League and a racing division roster. Should Audi have similar ambitions, one should expect them to make a splash in Rocket League at the very least. In the meantime, Origen’s prospect became even brighter, following their assembly of a roster likely to compete for the top spot in Europe.

Image source: Origen

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