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Baolan returns to Invictus Gaming until 2021

Baolan returns to Invictus Gaming until 2021

Wang “Baolan” Liu-Yi has returned to Invictus Gaming for three years, the team announced on Weibo. The news comes against his previously announced departure.

Baolan returns to Invictus Gaming for 2019 and beyond

Baolan’s return comes against the grain, considering his previous announcement on Weibo. However, it is great news for Invictus Gaming fans: their World Championship winning roster is unlikely to undergo any changes. Specifically, the bot lane (Baolan and Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-bo) are continuing their collaboration. His previous announcement was likely a signal that he was fully exploring free agency rather than a departure, although the wording indicated otherwise.

The support has undergone a legendary climb, from the TGA Hero of Cities championship to the LPL. Once a substitute in a TGA team, he persisted and joined a rebuilding Invictus Gaming, after assessing that they would need a support. Indeed, he was correct, and he became the starting support starting the NEST 2016 tournament (an event iG won).

With Baolan (then named Megan) in tow, the team grew over the span of two years, experiencing a meteoric rise. The team surprisingly missed the World Championship following the resurgence of Team WE, but they reached the world stage in 2018. Their absence in 2017 would be forgotten as they lifted the trophy in 2018, ahead of rivals Royal Never Give Up.

Invictus Gaming’s roster is nearly complete, but Song “Rookie” Eui-jin has not renewed his contract yet. The mid laner was the key factor in iG’s LPL tenure since 2015, and a roster move is unlikely.

Edit: More elements have surfaced since the time of publishing. LPL freelance journalist and translator Ran has translated iG’s detailed account of Baolan’s brief ‘departure.’

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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