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Caedrel joins exceL Esports in the jungle for 2019

Caedrel joins exceL Esports in the jungle for 2019

Marc “Caedrel” Robert Lamont has joined exceL Esports’ LEC lineup for the 2019 season. The team has announced the signing on social media on Dec. 2, and the player commented on the signing shortly afterwards.

Caedrel’s professional career at the highest level in Europe continues to take crazy detours. In 2018, the player swapped from the mid lane to the jungle and progressively improved throughout the year. In fact, exceL were one of his first opponents as a jungler in the 2018 ESL UK Premiership, and the faceoff ended in xL’s favor 2-1.

The player made the role swap in anticipation of franchising, and as he grew unhappy with the mid lane.  “I feel like the way I communicate in-game is more of a leadership role, and I’m really talking a lot in the first 20 minutes,” he said on an interview with “I’m telling everyone what to do, and I can micromanage a bit — not entirely, but asking what they need and helping as much as I can. As a mid laner, you can’t really do that; you just sit in your lane and farm, trying to get a lead, look for a roam here and there. You can’t dictate the game.”

exceL Esports continues to build a lineup mixing promising young talent with experience, combining two UK communicators at the core. Whether the lineup has the ability to contend against the likes of Misfits Gaming is up in the air, but the signing holds merit if Caedrel keeps improving as he did throughout 2018.

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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Adel Chouadria

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