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Easyhoon, Xintai, Yueguan have left ViCi Gaming

Easyhoon, Xintai, Yueguan have left ViCi Gaming

ViCi Gaming have announced on Weibo that Li “Xintai” Jin-hui and Fu “Yueguan” Hui have left their lineup ahead of the 2019 season. The departures follow Lee “Easyhoon” Ji-hoon‘s, which occurred a month prior.

Development talents Xintai and Yueguan are currently available to LPL and LDL teams in need of top lane and support talent. Yueguan only played three games in the top lane at LPL level, losing all three of them. However, his performance on Unlimited Potential in the LDL spring split had warranted the call up, as he held a 29W-12L record on a wide variety of champions. As for his support teammate in the LDL, Xintai, he did not play a single game in the LPL.

The two players join Easyhoon as former ViCi players in free agency. Riot Games had removed Easyhoon’s name from the Global Contract Database on Sep. 20, and ViCi made his departure official on Nov. 2. The player was a fixture in the mid lane, which he held for three seasons. Since winning the World Championship in 2015, the player has experienced the LPL playoffs in 2016 (as well as the Chinese Regional gauntlet), a relegation to the LSPL in 2017, and a return to the LPL in time for franchising.

ViCi Gaming still have plenty of players on their roster. In fact, several of them have long-term contracts extending to 2020 or 2021. However, Tan “Martin” Qi may not feature on ViCi as he is absent from the Contract Database, and his status remains unknown.

Adel Chouadria

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