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Expect joins exceL Esports for the 2019 LEC season

Expect joins exceL Esports for the 2019 LEC season

Ki “Expect” Dae-han has joined exceL Esports for the 2019 LEC season. In the process, he has ended a one-year long free agency.

Expect has been busy since leaving G2 Esports in Nov. 2017. The player initially sought an LCK spot to stay in South Korea for personal reasons, but no deal materialized. However, he remained in shape, practicing in the Korean solo queue environment. In addition, he played on Origen’s makeshift free agent all-star lineup, which won the 2018 European Masters spring split. Following that, he joined Fnatic during their boot camp in the 2018 World Championship.

In signing the player, exceL solidify their top lane spot heading into the 2019 LEC season. In fact, the signing brings experience and youth at the same time. Indeed, Expect has yet to reach his fullest potential, but he has demonstrated plenty of it in his three European title runs in 2016 and 2017. The team’s full roster is as follows:

In a surprising turn of events, exceL may have assembled a dark horse in the LEC. Although they seem to be behind several favorites (and to some extent behind Rogue early on), one cannot understate their potential should they develop. In particular, Kasing‘s leadership would come in handy alongside Expect’s decisive playmaking and Caedrel‘s information sharing. With the burden of communication lessened on Exileh‘s shoulders, he could in turn develop his laning phase further. Under these conditions, exceL could realistically aspire towards playoff contention.

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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Adel Chouadria

Adel Chouadria is a League of Legends writer covering the LEC for five years, and the European Regional Leagues starting 2019. He has witnessed the Unicorns of Love's rise and fall from Day 1, as well as G2's sudden ascension to contender status. Besides that, he is fond of basketball, pro wrestling, and cake.

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