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Finn, Vander join Rogue’s LEC roster ahead of week 5

Finn, Vander join Rogue’s LEC roster ahead of week 5

Rogue have announced on social media that they have promoted Finn “Finn” Wiestål and Oskar “Vander” Bogdan to the LEC lineup ahead of Week 5 of the LEC spring split. In the process, they have sent Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung to their Ultraliga squad, and Kim “Wadid” Bae-in to the inactive list.

Following a disappointing start to the season, Rogue (0:8) may be unable to reach the playoffs. As a result, they are preparing for the summer split. To that effect, they have swapped two of their Ultraliga members to the starting lineup, with more moves possibly on the horizon come summer split.

As a result, the squad’s roster is as follows:

“It was our goal from the beginning to build a strong roster of 10 players to give the players the opportunity to help each other and improve together,” said general manager Tomislav “Flyy” Mihailov on the team’s official release. “Additionally, it will give the coaching staff flexibility in the future. In preparation of that, we started to build the infrastructure necessary to support two full teams in Berlin and move members from Rogue Esports Club to Berlin as soon as possible.”

Finn and Vander’s entry to the LEC may prove promising. Indeed, the two players have cruised to a 8:0 record in the Polish Ultraliga as of its fourth week of action. In the process, they dispatched strong competitors Esports Performance Center (6:2) and the promising Wisła Płock eSports (4:4).

Rogue’s Academy lineup has proven extremely dominant and looks poised to take the Ultraliga crown as well as the European Masters. However, the roster changes may derail their campaign; Profit’s inclusion in the lineup may prove seamless, but Raxxo may take time to build synergy with Woolite.

Raxxo’s experience in the Challenger scene will prove handy to make up for Wadid’s inactivity. Indeed, Rogue cannot include Wadid in their Ultraliga roster due to its regulations. The Ultraliga allows teams to field up to two non-Polish players, and Rogue are already fielding Larssen and Profit.

Image source: Rogue (Twitter)

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