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Fnatic assemble Academy lineup, to compete in Forge of Champions

Fnatic assemble Academy lineup, to compete in Forge of Champions

Fnatic have announced that they have assembled an Academy lineup to compete in the United Kingdom’s Forge of Champions. The team announced the news on Twitter.

Players and coaches denoted by this symbol are part of the Academy roster.

Fnatic’s Academy squad packs serious firepower in the UK. Indeed, Shikari and Prosfair showed their mettle in Misfits Academy’s lineup. There, they won the first edition of Forge of Champions, and they were considered among the best at their positions in the UK scene.

To reinforce their lineup, they count the devastating xMatty and solid role player Dan as teammates. On top of that, Fnatic signed the much-touted but still raw MagiFelix in the mid lane, as The Shotcaller’s Darius Matuschak initially reported.

The lineup has serious upside, provided the pieces click together. In MagiFelix’s case, the stakes are even higher as he could potentially compete with Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek for the LEC starting spot. However, he has relatively struggled to translate his devastating solo queue mechanics into competitive success. Indeed, he suffered relegation as a member of YouthCrew Esports in the Turkish Champions League.

Before that, MagiFelix performed decently on Red Bulls in 2017 and on Movistar Riders in the 2018 EU Masters spring tournament. He will reunite with Jandro, his head coach during the Movistar days.

As a collateral of Fnatic’s moves, Misfits Academy have lost two players to free agency. In addition, their current whereabouts remain unknown, although they might land in the French circuit. Whether Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov will be part of that lineup remains to be seen.

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr (Partial)

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