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KlikTech out, unable to field roster in Esports Balkan League

KlikTech out, unable to field roster in Esports Balkan League

KlikTech were unable to field a lineup in time for the Esports Balkan League’s 2019 Promotion Qualifier. As such, they are out of the tournament. The EBL announced the news on Twitter on Jan. 4 and notified their audience of a change in the promotion qualifier’s format in the process.

The news rings a potential end to what once was a promising name in the European scene. In addition, the EBL Open Qualifier’s final round changed to a three-team double elimination bracket, with the winners of either bracket moving on to the EBL.

The EBL’s remaining rounds remain unaffected. Part of the open qualifiers have already taken place on Jan. 5. On Jan 8-9, the closed qualifiers begin, with the top two teams from the open qualifier and four invited teams competing for two spots. Then, the two best teams from that round proceed into the final round as described in Fortuna Esports’ tweet (above) on Jan. 12.

KlikTech was one of the brightest names in the EU Masters 2018 spring split. The team as a whole performed above expectations and survived exceL Esports and Origen’s 2018 spring lineups in the EU Masters group phase. Later on, they eliminated Misfits Academy, on the way to a loss against MAD Lions in the quarterfinals.

Following their amazing performance, the players and the coaching staff received offers from other organizations. Here is where they are now:

Of note:

  • The team (without EdinPriqtel) recently won the Fortuna Kup 2018 and bested ASUS RoG Elite in the process. The tournament happened before NikolaSenpai joined Dark Passage.
  • Sacre was a substitute for G2 Esports in 2018, but he never played for the team.
  • EdinPriqtel was a substitute in x25 eSports, but he hasn’t appeared in any major tournament as of late.
  • Royal Bandits renamed to Royal Youth. Enatron thus remains on the same team that he joined after EU Masters.
  • Realistik is in SK Gaming’s LEC support staff.

The players and coaches may have fared well after EU Masters, but KlikTech itself was left reeling. The team assembled a lineup in time for the EBL 2018 Season 3 (summer), but they finished last. As such, they were to participate in the Season 4 (2019) open qualifier. However, despite fielding a lineup for the Fortuna Kup, the organization was unable to field a lineup for the qualifier.

Image source (partial): Fortuna Esports

Adel Chouadria

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