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Misfits Academy squad built to compete in France’s LFL

Misfits Academy squad built to compete in France’s LFL

Misfits Gaming have built their Academy squad ahead of the 2019 season. The roster that they have built will compete in La Ligue Française (LFL), the French regional league.

Misfits’ Academy lineup went public on the Globally Recognized Contract Database, but their whereabouts were unknown. However, Riot Games France have since noted that the team will compete in the LFL alongside Team Vitality Academy.

Misfits Gaming had previously fielded an academy roster in the UK circuit. There, Tom “Prosfair” Willis and Jordan “Shikari” Pointon asserted themselves as top-tier talent within their region. Alongside Mo “Afflict” Chinoune, LIDER, Joran “Special” Scheffer and Lars “Chrisberg” Christiansen, they dominated the 2018 ESL UK Premiership spring tournament and won the first edition of Forge of Champions. However, they were unable to make as big of a dent in their subsequent 2018 EU Masters appearances.

The new roster would undoubtedly allow them to surpass their 2018 showings at EU Masters. Indeed, the talent that features on Misfits Academy’s current rendition is LEC-ready for the most part, with Obsess and LIDER as the only potential question marks on that regard. Even then, the lineup looks primed to rival Rogue Academy’s Ultraliga squad.

Even then, the two players showed that their level could surpass regional league tier in time. During his short stint in the Forge of Champions, LIDER showcased dominance in the circuit. As for Obsess, he greatly benefited from his 2018 summer split experience as an in-house substitute, as it allowed him to participate in scrimmages and see what is expected of a jungler in the LEC up close.

The roster is eligible to compete in the French circuit, as regulations on that regard have changed. Indeed, as long as the players reside in France, they count as non-imports. As an added note, four players in the lineup are familiar with the French circuit: Hiiva and Neon have played in Millenium, Obsess on GamersOrigin (on loan), and Dan Dan on Team-LDLC.

As such, the lineup would be a front runner for the LFL crown, or at least for the Top Two. If anything, it certainly looks stronger than Team Vitality’s commendable Academy squad. However, the lineups of LDLC, GamersOrigin and Gentside remain to be seen. Those organizations had solid 2018 showings in the French circuit, and their follow-up would be key to ascerting the LFL as a strong regional league, on par with Spain’s SuperLiga Orange.

Adel Chouadria

Adel Chouadria is a League of Legends writer covering the LEC for five years, and the European Regional Leagues starting 2019. He has witnessed the Unicorns of Love's rise and fall from Day 1, as well as G2's sudden ascension to contender status. Besides that, he is fond of basketball, pro wrestling, and cake.

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