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Misfits Gaming to acquire sOAZ, Febiven

Misfits Gaming to acquire sOAZ, Febiven

Misfits Gaming have acquired Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten according to ESPN’s Jacob Wolf. In addition, they are looking to appoint Jesse “Jesiz” Le as their head coach.

The team’s signing of Febiven became official at 21:59 CET / 12:59 PT after Riot Games validated the transaction. As Clutch Gaming and Misfits collaborated towards the outcome, it was a matter of time before the trade became official. In addition, his new team has extended his contract until Nov. 2021.

The mid laner was the biggest standout of Clutch Gaming’s first season in the LCS. His contributions greatly helped the team reach the 2018 LCS spring semifinals and the Regional Gauntlet. However, Clutch Gaming had undergone a rough summer campaign, and they were unable to reach the World Championship. Furthermore, the mid laner grew demotivated during Clutch Gaming’s lengthy break between the end of the regular season and the gauntlet. The North American solo queue environment served to aggravate him, causing his return to Europe.

The mid laner may possibly count sOAZ as a teammate according to Jacob Wolf’s report. Should the signing be complete, the matter would justify Misfits’ decision to part ways with Barney “Alphari” Morris. As a follow up, they may retain Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian in the jungle and promoting Jesiz as their head coach.

The organization’s offseason ends as soon as it signs a support. However, Mihael “mikyx” Mehle may join G2 Esports in another dazzling offseason turn. In fact, G2’s offseason may prove to be the oddest of all.

Update @ Nov. 22 on 18:15 CET — Paul “sOAZ” Boyer has officially joined Misfits Gaming.

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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