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Origen merges with KIYF to field Origen BCN in Spain’s LVP

Origen merges with KIYF to field Origen BCN in Spain’s LVP

Origen have announced that they have entered the Spanish regional league, SuperLiga Orange, through a merger with KIYF eSports Club. Their Academy team, Origen BCN, will compete from Barcelona, Spain.

denotes a member of Origen BCN.

The move allows them to return Origen to its Spanish roots. Indeed, the organization was once Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez’s project. With him as the starting mid laner, it grew from a Spanish Challenger team located in Tenerife, Spain to a 2015 World Championship semifinalist. Later on, the team also fielded a Spanish regional league squad.

Since then, Origen bode their time until their purchase by RFRSH Entertainment. The matter marked their return in the LEC through franchising, and in the SLO. xPeke had the following to say regarding the team’s presence in Spain through the KIYF merger:

Needless to say, I am thrilled about this announcement which gives us even more tools to work with to reach our long term ambitions. As I have said from the beginning, I am truly excited about our new Origen set-up and organization, and I believe it is the key to reach even higher levels than we ever did before.

General Manager Martin “Deficio” Lynge elaborated further on the move:

Origen is born in Spain and even though we’re creating an international team and brand initially based in the RFRSH HQ in Copenhagen, we want to maintain the strong connection with the original Origen DNA. The talents and team will be working under the same performance model and philosophy as the mother team, and we are pretty excited about this set-up giving us ways and channels to talk to both the international fanbase and the Spanish fans in the strongest national league in Europe.

Origen BCN’s roster is also fairly solid, with a number of competitors from across Europe. Among them, Venzer has had the most success, as he reached the quarterfinals of the 2018 European Masters spring split. The other players also showed promise in their respective leagues, with Speedy, Roison and Homi standing out. In addition, the team added young up-and-coming talent Szygenda from Denmark.

The squad will be under the supervision of player-turned-coach AoD. Similarly to Venzer, AoD reached EU Masters as Team Atlantis’s head coach during the 2018 summer split. The former support also played in the LEC (formerly EU LCS), and he will be in charge of building the squad to a competitive level within Spain and abroad. The task will be complicated as the league has strong regional lineups across the board, including Splyce Vipers. However, similarly to KIYF in the past, Origen BCN will also be contending for the crown.

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