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Sheriff renames to Patrik for the 2019 LEC season

Sheriff renames to Patrik for the 2019 LEC season

Patrik Jírů is changing his in-game name ahead of the 2019 LEC season. On a Twitter post, he has announced that he is switching from “Sheriff” to “Patrik.”

The change comes after Patrik’s run within H2K Gaming in 2018. During the spring season, H2K went on a massive losing streak before recovering out of seemingly nowhere to reach the playoffs. However, they would not be as fortunate during the summer. Indeed, a series of misfortunes resulted in roster instability, and the team ended the split on a 2W-16L note. In fact, that result is only marginally better than Origen’s infamous 0W-13L series record (2W-26L overall) during the 2017 spring split.

Patrik made a name for himself in the European circuit on eSuba, Origen’s Spanish league squad, Reign and Besiktas Esports. During his short stints in each team, he stood out as a mechanically proficient bot laner. The fact took on a different level when he joined H2K Gaming, where he most memorably scored a quadrakill against Giants Gaming.

The name change does not seem to garner unanimous acclaim, with Nick “LS” De Cesare highlighting first names as ‘bad’ for branding. However, Apollo “Apollo” Price was one occurrence of a successful rename. Still, Patrik’s renaming does leave him open to an obvious meme:

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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Adel Chouadria

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