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SozPurefect, Scarface part ways with SK Gaming

SozPurefect, Scarface part ways with SK Gaming

SK Gaming have parted ways with two of their Academy players,  Hicham “SozPurefect” Tazrhini and  Daniel “Scarface” Aitbelkacem. The team announced the move on Twitter, two days after Scarface disclosed his departure.

SK Gaming’s DACH squad loses two valuable players ahead of their debut in the franchising era. In particular, Scarface often picked around his teammates unless top-tier picks in his lane were available. Likewise, SozPurefect was often on counterpick (or control mage) duty for the team.

In the ordeal, SK lose a proven veteran in the Challenger circuit as well as a rising talent in the DACH region. Indeed, SozPurefect came close to reaching the LCS in Dec. 2014, and he was a regular in the Challenger series in 2015 and 2016. As for Scarface, he has been a regular in the Top Four of the German scene since 2016, only ranking lower than fourth three times in 2018.

The move also breaks apart the three-player core that formed KIYF Esports Club SuperLiga OrangeSpain in the 2018 spring split, with  Mads “Doss” Schwartz being the third player. The trio played under Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal, who reunited with them upon the formation of SK Gaming’s lineup.

The two players competed in SK Gaming ahead of the latter’s franchising application. In the meantime, the lineup they assembled allowed them to reach several semifinals as well as three finals in the DACH circuit. However, SK’s latest showing was disappointing for a team of their caliber. Indeed, they bowed out of the 2018 ESL Meisterschaft Winter playoffs in the semifinals, despite looking like favorites in the group stage.

The team has yet to provide an update on the whereabouts of  Gerrit “Phrenic” Stukemeier,  Tim “Keduii” Willers and Doss.

Image source: SK Gaming (Twitter)

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