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Splyce Academy reveal Spanish League roster: Hatrixx, Freeze, Prime in

Splyce Academy reveal Spanish League roster: Hatrixx, Freeze, Prime in

Splyce have revealed their full Academy lineup, Splyce Vipers on Twitter on Jan. 14. The lineup will compete in the SuperLiga Orange in Spain, and it will include marquee free agents.

The marquee signings are, without a doubt, Tierwulf and Freeze. Indeed, Tierwulf was one of the best junglers in the Latin American circuit, and he is a proficient communicator and strategist. The player has plenty of international experience as a member of Kaos Latin Gamers — experience that even Freeze doesn’t match. That is despite Freeze’s proficiency at his role and his prowess at the position, making the bot laner’s presence in a regional league fairly mind-boggling.

Although the organization is new to the Spanish circuit, three of its players are not. In fact, Hatrixx has competed in the SLO since 2017 as a member of Movistar Riders. In the 2018 summer split, Movistar Riders were considered favorites to win title, until they lost 2-3 in an upset against MAD Lions in the semifinals. Orome also distinguished himself as a lethal weapon within fellow Spanish organization KIYF Esports, losing on the other side of the SLO summer playoff bracket to Giants Gaming 2-3.

Prime rounds out the roster at the support position and seeks to make his name in the scene. Although he has competed in the French scene since 2015, he sat out between 2016 and 2018, returning to competitive League of Legends in the Spanish league on ASUS ROG Army alongside Tarik “Sedrion” Holz.

Of note, Freeze and Hatrixx have previously played in Tempo Storm during the 2017 spring split in the North American Challenger Series, and they are familiar with one another. However, it has been a long time since the two players teamed up. In the meantime, both have undergone evolutions on their own , with Freeze nearly reaching the World Championship in 2018.

Overall, the roster does pack a punch in the Spanish league, although Giants Gaming have also fielded a promising roster. One then has to hope that Zen will coach Splyce Vipers to an EU Masters qualification as he did for Misfits Academy in the 2018 spring and summer seasons. In addition, Zen has worked with MacC in the past within the UK scene and in the LCL at Tornado ROX, marking a reunion between the two coaches.

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Image source: LoLEspor (TCL Flickr)

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