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Splyce return to EU LCS as franchise against all odds

Splyce return to EU LCS as franchise against all odds

Splyce have returned to the EU LCS for the 2019 season alongside UK’s exceL Esports. ESPN’s Jacob Wolf reported the unlikely news as a result of two applications falling through at the last minute.

The situation is all the more surprising given a previous report noting that Splyce’s application fell through. Since then, they have allowed their players and coaching staff to seek opportunities in other teams. However, the latest turn of event changes their approach, as they may seek to keep their lineup intact and rehire the coaches. In the meantime, Splyce have yet to post an update about their approach to free agency.

The report also revealed that Movistar Riders and North’s applications fell through during the negotiation phase. The event resulted in Splyce’s entry, as well as exceL’s. The latter is a UK organization that participated in local events since 2015. The rest of Europe discovered them in the 2018 EU Masters spring and summer splits.

The entry of exceL creates a tricky situation regarding its ownership situation. Indeed, the Oceanic Pro League’s Dire Wolves and exceL share an investor in Guinevere Capital. The matter goes against Riot Games’ policy, which note that no two professional teams should be owned by the same individual or group of investors.

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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Adel Chouadria

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