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Team ROCCAT officially announce departure from EU LCS

Team ROCCAT officially announce departure from EU LCS

Team ROCCAT have announced on Nov. 15 that they will not be in the 2019 EU LCS. The organization released a video commemorating their feats and history on Facebook.

The news comes after Jacob Wolf reported that ROCCAT were not part of the EU LCS in the franchising era. Their announcement goes further: they may not have applied for a franchising spot. “After being part of the LCS for the past five years, the decision was made to broaden the brand’s focus to the wider eSports scene,” said Senior Marketing Manager Jessica Albiston. “No longer sponsoring a League of Legends team exclusively but supporting gamers around the world, regardless of their game or genre.”

The organization entered the EU LCS upon buying out all-Polish lineup Kiedys Mialem Team. The roster upset Ninjas in Pyjamas in a 3-0 sweep to secure a spot among the pros in the 2014 LCS. Throughout their five-year tenure, they came close but didn’t reach the World Championship twice.

Team ROCCAT had an knack for talent development. Thirty two (32) players wore the black and blue jersey. Among them, 14 were still active in the European LCS throughout 2018. Chiefs among them stand Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan, who have experienced international success in 2016 (and in Jankos’s case, in 2018); as well as G2 Esports’ current bot lane, Petter “Hjärnan” Freyschuss and Kim “Wadid” Bae-in.

Adel Chouadria

Adel Chouadria is a League of Legends writer covering the LEC for five years, and the European Regional Leagues starting 2019. He has witnessed the Unicorns of Love's rise and fall from Day 1, as well as G2's sudden ascension to contender status. Besides that, he is fond of basketball, pro wrestling, and cake.

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