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Team SoloMid reveal roster for 2019: Akaadian, Brandini in

Team SoloMid reveal roster for 2019: Akaadian, Brandini in

Team SoloMid have announced their full League of Legends roster on their website on Dec. 15 at 1 a.m. CET. Among their signings, they have revealed that two players who have featured in the LCS in the past will be playing on their academy team: Akaadian and Brandini.

Team SoloMid had already completed their LCS roster days before the announcement. Indeed, as previously documented, they signed Broken Blade and Smoothie to replace Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell and Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez. However, the whereabouts of their Academy team remained unknown, and so did the jungle situation.

In that sense, TSM’s biggest signing is of Akaadian, OpTic Gaming’s former jungler. Akaadian emerged as a strong carry jungler in the North American scene on Echo Fox in 2017. Although the team failed to reach the playoffs during the season, his collaboration with Henrik “Froggen” Hansen kept the team safe from relegation.

In 2018, Akaadian showed willingness to play meta compliant picks (tanks among them) but still showcased solid play on Graves and Kindred. With that in mind, he would be a perfect jungler in a favorable meta. In fact, Team SoloMid know that, as OpTic nearly eliminated them from summer playoffs.

Additionally, TSM signed solid players across the board. Indeed, Brandini was a reliable Academy top laner in 2018, and he would be a solid substitute in the LCS should Broken Blade falter. However, the same is unlikely to apply to Treatz, who featured in Spain and in France. Although Treatz is a solid player in his own right, he sits behind 2017 Worlds quarterfinalist Smoothie. One thing is certain: Peter Zhang will oversee their development throughout 2019.

Before the announcement, Team SoloMid held in-house scouting grounds to determine the best course of action for the season to come. Their announcement leaves the fates of  Rasmus “MrRalleZ” Skinneholm, Kostantyn “PieCakeLord” Dudarchuk and Jordan “Shady” Robison unknown.

The header image is a composite of three pictures: Akaadian | Brandini | Team SoloMid’s logo

Adel Chouadria

Adel Chouadria is a League of Legends writer covering the LEC for five years, and the European Regional Leagues starting 2019. He has witnessed the Unicorns of Love's rise and fall from Day 1, as well as G2's sudden ascension to contender status. Besides that, he is fond of basketball, pro wrestling, and cake.

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