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Wadid, Profit possibly teaming up on Rogue in 2019

Wadid, Profit possibly teaming up on Rogue in 2019

Kim “Wadid” Bae-in and Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung could be teaming up on Rogue in the 2019 LEC. The rumor was first reported by journalist Kim “kenzi” Yong-woo on social media.

The signing would provide interesting elements to Rogue, in combination with other roster rumors regarding the team. Rogue may have signed Martin “HeaQ” Kordmaa and Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek on the lineup, two players with a knack for macro-related communication and decision making.

The addition of Profit would add another game-savvy player to the lineup. In 2018, Profit and HeaQ led Team ROCCAT on a macro aspect, leading them to the spring playoff quarterfinals. Should the duo combine their prowess with Kikis, one would expect macro plays to go swimmingly.

Wadid would be the first rumored Rogue player to provide a facilitator’s edge, rather than active decision-making. He would balance the team’s needs for team fight engage or peeling, possibly enabling HeaQ during the laning phase. The player’s future in the LEC was in jeopardy following a report stating that G2 have signed Mihael “mikyx” Mehle on the lineup.

Should all four players be part of the lineup, the pressure would be completely off their mid laner. The latter would operate as he pleases and enable win conditions without any burden of leadership. As such, a mechanically proficient player with a flare for team play and/or playmaking would work best in such a setting.

Update: Nov. 29 at 18:30 CET — Wadid has joined Rogue following G2’s signing of Mihael “mikyx” Mehle in his stead. G2 facilitated his transfer, allowing him to play in the LEC in 2019.

Update: Dec. 2 @ 19:20 CET — Profit is officially a member of Rogue’s lineup. The team is also heading to South Korea for a boot camp upon forming the lineup.

The image used is a composite of two images from LoL Esports’ Flickr: Profit / Wadid

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Adel Chouadria

Adel Chouadria is a League of Legends writer covering the LEC for five years, and the European Regional Leagues starting 2019. He has witnessed the Unicorns of Love's rise and fall from Day 1, as well as G2's sudden ascension to contender status. Besides that, he is fond of basketball, pro wrestling, and cake.

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