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YoungBuck to be Fnatic’s head coach, reveals staff

YoungBuck to be Fnatic’s head coach, reveals staff

Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool is assuming the role of head coach within Fnatic after one year spent as its Team Director. Fnatic announced the news on Jan. 3 and revealed their coaching staff picks, as well as the new Team Director.

YoungBuck’s move to the head coach position follows Dylan Falco’s departure to FC Schalke 04 Esports. In addition, it helps provide stability to the League of Legends division as he was already part of the coaching staff in 2018. In his presence, Fnatic leveraged a shaky yet fruitful 2017 campaign into a 2018 World Championship final appearance, an unbelievable feat in its own right. The team’s 2019 roster is as follows:

YoungBuck’s move opened room for Jan “Careion” Hoffmann to take over management duties. Careion thus transitions from managing the Heroes of the Storm and Paladins divisions, which closed for varying reasons. “The teams I was mainly responsible for during the past three years at Fnatic are now gone, but I’m now happy to be taking over operations and leading processes for more than just the games I was involved in,” Careion said.

The head coach elaborated on the hiring process behind the signings of Mephisto and Gegemont, who will be moving into the gaming house. “When reviewing what we could improve on, the most important factor in hiring an assistant coach was being able to teach the players new macro-game concepts,” YoungBuck said. “In the hiring process, I therefore asked multiple people to teach me something new. The person we chose ended up teaching me multiple new concepts in a short amount of time and left the competition far behind him as a result of that.”

The assistant coach and analyst picks have a proven track record. Indeed, Mephisto has made his impact in the French scene, coaching inexperienced players to relevance within the French scene and abroad. In fact, 15 players of the 19 he had coached found homes upon their departure from the RoG School. As such, he could fit within Fnatic’s development-oriented framework.

As for Gegemont, the analyst recently worked alongside FC Schalke 04 Esports during their ascension to the 2018 EU LCS summer finals. The signing helps consolidate the coaching staff on that front following the departure of Jack “Kayys” Kayser to Team Liquid.

Image source: LoL Esports Flickr

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